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Preparing Black Mothers and Birthing Persons for Birth, Breastfeeding, and Beyond - bEarth Work App

Updated: Oct 6, 2020


Black Girls’ Breastfeeding Club is launching our bEarth Work app, which makes it easier for Black mothers and birthing persons to book virtual courses, classes, and support related to pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. The app will provide a list of virtual courses created by Black birth workers (e.g. doulas and midwives), lactation support professionals, and other health professionals. When mothers visit the app, they will be able to filter course listings across multiple categories to meet their needs, such as course format and course topic (e.g. preconception/pregnancy/childbirth education/lactation). Individuals can pay for courses directly within the app, provide reviews for the courses they purchase, and use the chat feature to message the course developers directly.


We know that maternal deaths and breastfeeding disparities among Black women are public health crises. We also believe that Black women across the spectrum of health professions and birth work have the knowledge, skills, and insider perspectives to

combat these issues.

Disparities in Black maternal health and breastfeeding are rooted in racism. Structural racism in health care and social service delivery has led to poorer quality of prenatal care among Black women, apathy among physicians when providing breastfeeding support and listening to the health needs of Black mothers, and the disinvestment of services and resources related to prenatal and postpartum care in Black communities. In addition, racism is a chronic stressor that is linked to adverse birth outcomes, like preterm delivery among Black mothers. Doulas (and other birth workers) are key support persons who can help combat the racial and structural barriers that cause these disparities.

bEarth Work addresses structural barriers to accessing quality care, as well as, barriers to accessing doulas and lactation consultants. Accessing virtual courses addresses geographical barriers, but also provides a convenient format for to access health information. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic poses new challenges in prenatal and postpartum services. Physical distancing makes it challenging for vulnerable populations, like pregnant women, to access care. Therefore, the app provides a virtual alternative to receiving safe and reliable information from health professionals.


bEarth Work is launching in August 2020.

How do I List Courses or Access Courses in bEarth Work?

Black health professionals and birth workers who are interested in featuring courses on the app and mothers interested in accessing courses can find more information here.

Other Ways to Support?

Thank you for your interest in supporting our work. Here are a few ways you can provide support.

-Please share this information within your networks!

-Expectant moms and birthing persons. We want to hear from you as we are developing the app. Please take a few moments to complete this brief questionnaire located here. The information will inform the development of the app to support your needs.

-Financial support and sponsorship. We are working to scale the current infrastructure for the bEarth Work app. We also hope to provide 80 hours of free virtual lactation support for the remainder of 2020. These new features will improve the experience of our community and increase our capacity to offer virtual lactation support. If you would like to provide financial support to further the development of the app, you can make your contribution here.


Contact us at Please use the subject "bEarth Work" in your email.

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