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Let us help you with your research and evaluation needs. 

With over 15 years of experience across program planning, research and evaluation, including supporting national level initiatives, and a deep passion for maternal and child health programs, Dr. Ayanna Robinson can assist you in developing and measuring the impact of your initiatives, as well as, consulting on your research projects. Dr. Robinson has expertise across qualitative and mixed-method studies using a variety of frameworks, including Black Feminist and Critical Race Theory frameworks. 


As a public health researcher and evaluator, she is committed to conducting research and translating that research into initiatives and products that dismantle systems of oppression, amplifies the voices of historically marginalized communities, and translates research into actions. Decreasing the maternal mortalities of and improving breastfeeding rates among Black mothers are the areas of public health that Dr. Robinson is most passionate about. 

Contact us  today for a consultation for your project.

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