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A Year in Review - 2018

2018 has been an incredible year of growth for Black Girls' Breastfeeding Club. With the support of our village and through collaborations with other organizations, we accomplished the following:

Ayanna Robinson presenting at An Annual Day of Wellness in Cincinnati, Ohio in October 2018.

-Served as a kindred partner to the Black Mamas Matter Alliance and for the inaugural Black Maternal Health Week in April.

-Served as a Stakeholder Advisory Board member organization to the Center for Children’s Health, the Environment, the Microbiome, and Metabolomics (C-CHEM2).

-Launched a new line of BGBC t-shirts in July.

-Founder, Ayanna Robinson, moderated a session at the Black Women's Health Expo in Atlanta, Georgia in support of the campaign launch of "Know Better, Live Better" in August.

-Was a guest on the Natural Parenting Talk with Lauren and Keema podcast during Black Breastfeeding Week in August.

-Held a breastfeeding photography session for six African American mothers and their children as part of a stock photography project during Black Breastfeeding Week in August,

-Participated in the Golden Bow Breastfeeding Awareness Walk during Black Breastfeeding Week in August.

-Presented at the Annual Day of Wellness in Cincinnati, Ohio on "Food, Food Environment, and Wellness" and provided breastfeeding and maternal health resources.

-Founder, Ayanna Robinson, was interviewed for a book on first foods (More to come soon!)

-Founder, Ayanna Robinson, presented her research on social media support groups for African American mothers at the annual American Public Health Association Conference in San Diego, California in November.

-Founder, Ayanna Robinson, presented on environmental toxins and maternal health outcomes and evaluating community maternal health programs at the first Black Maternal Health Conference and Training Institute in Atlanta, Georgia in December.

-Released new culturally sensitive breastfeeding resources for mothers in December!

What a year! We look forward to continuing this work and expanding our projects in 2019! Thank you for continued support. If you would like to collaborate or book Black Girls' Breastfeeding Club in 2019, send us an email at

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