Exciting New App - Black Girls' Breastfeeding Club is Developing bEarth Work App!

July 2020

Maternal deaths and breastfeeding disparities among Black women are public health crises. The newest project for Black Girls’ Breastfeeding Club is our bEarth Work app, which will launch in 2020. bEarth Work makes it easier for Black mothers and birthing persons to book virtual courses, classes, and support related to pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. 

The app will feature online courses created by Black midwives, doulas, lactation support professionals and other Black health professionals. Are you a Black birth worker or health professional that creates online courses or classes for the prenatal and postpartum periods? Learn more about how to list your course(s) on bEarth work here


For inquiries related to this app, including ways you can support the development and launch or to receive details about featuring your course, please contact us at blackgirlsbreastfeedingclub@gmail.com. You can also read the full announcement on our blog here.

Black Girls' Breastfeeding Club on Dish with the Doulas

June 18, 2020 at 7pm ET

Join Ayanna Robinson on "Dish with the Doulas" at 7pm. Visit www.facebook.com/WarriorMamas to watch this event live.  The interview is available here.

Research Featured on Baby Center 

September 9th, 2019

Check out this article on Baby Center featuring research conducted by Dr. Ayanna Robinson. Support is critical for breastfeeding mothers and we are excited that the use of social media support groups among Black mothers is being shared as a way to shift the infant feeding narrative and to also show the power of Black moms supporting one another along this journey.

 "Mothers often give up on breastfeeding earlier than they want to when they experience challenges or lack a supportive environment for breastfeeding," lead author Ayanna Robinson said, "but if she can access a support group online, it can make a big difference in her breastfeeding journey." 

Read the full article, titled "Social media groups can offer valuable breastfeeding support", here.

Black Breastfeeding Week 2019 

August 2019

Webinar - August 26th

Spelman College - August 29th

Happy Black Breastfeeding Week!! Join us at our Black Breastfeeding Week events at Spelman College and  a webinar with the Maternal Health Collective.  Visit the following link to register for the webinar, "Cirulating Black Feminist Thought to Dismantle Breastfeeding Inequities".



New Breastfeeding Research Published! 

June 2019

In a study with Black mothers participating in Facebook support for breastfeeding, participants reported the highest amount of breastfeeding support received from their Facebook support group, in comparison to other sources of support. Facebook support also was significantly correlated with intended breastfeeding duration (p < 0.05). Read more in the latest publication by BGBC founder, Dr. Ayanna Robinson, in the Digital Health Journal.

Black Maternal Health Week - "Decolonizing Research in Black Maternal Health"

April 12, 2019

This webinar highlighted the importance of acknowledging and citing Black women’s scholarship in Black Maternal Health research, and the research initiatives of the Black Mamas Matter Alliance. Ayanna Robinson joined other members of the Research Work Group for the Black Mamas Matter Alliance to discuss a Black Feminist approach to conducting breastfeeding research. Watch the webinar here.

New Breastfeeding Research Published! 

March 2019

In this study, four focus groups were conducted with Black mothers who participate in breastfeeding support groups on Facebook. Check out the findings from this research study in the latest publication by BGBC founder, Dr. Ayanna Robinson, in the Journal of Human Lactation.

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